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  • Not Quite Tied the Knot Tuesday – Michele & Benjamin

    In lieu of Triple B’s normal Tie the Knot Tuesday feature, I have a fab engagement session to share today! In the images you are about to see, I know you’ll agree the featured couple Michele and Benjamin are fun, energetic and definitely appear to be head-over-heels in love. The talented photographer responsible for capturing […]


  • Tie the Knot Tuesday: Akida & Ken

    Bride: Akida Stephens, 34 Groom: Kenneth “Ken” Neely, 47 Occupations: Stephens, communications manager; Neely, owner of IT company Homebase: Philadelphia Wedding Date: October 15, 2010 Wedding Location: Ceremony & Reception: Hotel Sofitel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  • BRIGHT Bridal Idea for Your Caterers!

    Don’t you hate how you never get to truly eat the way you want to on special occasions because of the excitement of the day? (This happens to me every Thanksgiving.) Well imagine that excitement cubed. Now imagine it is your wedding day and practically everyone you love (and a professional photographer) is snapping your picture, […]