budget bridal finds

  • Bridgette’s Pick of the Week- Cool DIY Idea

    Between finalizing Save the Dates that need to mailed yesterday, corresponding with a growing number of wedding vendors, completing a freelance story (It’s coming P!), searching for a Triple B social media intern, organizing an exciting Triple B photo shoot and trying to maintain some semblance of a personal life — I still manage to […]


  • You Oughta Know: Cool Wedding Planning Resource

    Yesterday I discovered a neat tool online that I’ve been itching to share with you all. As I’ve mentioned a gazillion times before, wedding costs vary greatly from city to city. The cost of a wedding in Los Angeles might be $55,000 while virtually the same wedding is only $24,500 in Siler City, North Carolina. […]


  • Bright Bridal Idea: Personalized Reception Candy Bar

    Candy and/or snack bars at receptions aren’t new to most and in fact I’ve even featured a few weddings that contained fun ones in Tie the Knot Tuesday. But the idea of personalizing them according to the couple’s fave sweet treats growing up? That is new to me and I find it too cute to […]