Marriage Matters Monday

  • Marriage Matters Monday: Who Are You Inviting to Your Wedding?

    As we enter engagement season (late-November through mid-February), hundreds of newcomers will join the Black Bridal Bliss family — welcome! During the coming weeks and months, many of you will be determining the type of nuptials you want to have and much of this rest on the amount of guests you’ll invite. Yep. The dreaded […]


  • Marriage Matters Monday – The Obamas…Caption It!

    On the evening of Friday, September 25, President and First Lady Obama stunned at the China State Dinner at The White House and basically broke the Internet when these images surfaced. Talk about images being worth a thousand words…Sheesh. Leave a comment with how you would caption both pics. Annnnnnnnnd go!


  • Marriage Matters Monday – Stay in Your Lane

    Lots of awesome marriage advice is shared here on Black Bridal Bliss. All of it has come from people in seemingly happy and healthy marriages. However, I don’t have the time, energy or skill-set to get involved in anyone else’s marital affairs.  Let me explain.