Marriage Matters Monday

  • Marriage Matters Monday – How Young is Too Young to Get Married?

    In August of 2009 I was a nervous 18 year-old moving cross-country to New York City to begin my first year at New York University (NYU). Being that NYU is the largest private institution in the country and a PWI (predominately White institution), I mentally prepared myself to go through four years with a minimal […]


  • Marriage Matters Monday: Making Love Work

    We’re borrowing from our pals over at The Lover’s Rocque (Remember their fun Tie the Knot Tuesday wedding?) for today’s Marriage Matters. The messaging that brides-to-be are bombarded with is plan, plan and plan some more for a beautiful, memorable wedding however there is very little information for engaged women (or men) on achieving and […]


  • Marriage Matters Monday – The Matrimony

    “Even if you make plans you never think you’re really ready for marriage. Like any growth you can’t be (completely) ready for it because it’s going to be new.” – Jerry Seinfeld ¬†View the video below and share your thoughts (particularly about the exchange between Wale and Jerry in the beginning)! The conversations surrounding marriage […]