Planning your nuptials in the midst of COVID-19 is daunting to many.
And rightfully so! Here are a few practical pointers to help ease the
panic during the Coronavirus pandemic if you or a loved one has an
upcoming wedding in the works.

1) DO consider a micro wedding or elopement where the two of you get married in an intimate ceremony and reschedule the bigger reception (and perhaps honeymoon) for a later date. Masks and sanitization stations for guests are a helpful addition to any type of gathering you intend to host in the coming months.

2) DO check-in with vendors about postponing your affair. Neither
party wants to lose money right now. You might have more options
than you realize.

3) DO accept (and appreciate) that you and yours may decide to never
have a bigger affair and/or reception at a later date and that is fine too.
Your day = Your way!

4) DO focus on solutions and alternatives. COVID-19 has stressed us all
out enough. Pivots will be necessary so concentrate most on the things
you can control.

5) DO research a wedding photographer who is comfortable social
distancing to document your day — even if you’re tying the knot in a
courthouse or your Auntie’smodest living room. This day will hold precious memories that you’ll
likely enjoy revisiting later in life.

6) DO research live streaming, Zoom or other video conferencing so
loved ones can virtually attend. Married Livestream is a great resource
to start.

And the most important tip of all?
7) DO remember to keep your pending MARRIAGE at the top of your
priority list.

Marriage > Wedding

Did you get hitched during the pandemic? Know someone who did?
What pivots did you and/or they make? Share your thoughts on all
this in the comments!