Marriage Matters

  • Marriage Matters Monday – Did you watch #Lemonade?

    Everyone is talking about it. Beyonce‘s hour-long Lemonade debut on HBO Saturday night still has the Internet buzzing. Rather than speculate about whether or not the Grammy-winning singer’s new album gave us a snapshot into her own marriage (we’ll never really know) or her mama’s former marriage to her father (still, we won’t know anytime […]


  • Marriage Matters Monday – A Couple That Graduates Together…

    Well, maybe not all the time. But they sure do inspire us here at Black Bridal Bliss! The above image of 26-year-old Nitra, 28-year-old Mario and their 5-year-old son MJ went viral on Facebook earlier this month. This moving caption accompanied the pic: Mario: Masters of Special Education (May 7) Nitra: Juris Doctor (May 21) […]


  • Marriage Matters Monday – Triple B’s Fave Celeb Married Couples

    Praising celebrity relationships on a regular basis is not something Black Bridal Bliss condones. It is a slippery slope that can be dangerous since every marriage contains nuances only the two people who said “I Do” to each other are fully aware of. Still we thought it would fun — and it was! — to […]