Power Couple Mario + Nitra with son Myles
Power Couple Mario + Nitra with son MJ

Well, maybe not all the time. But they sure do inspire us here at Black Bridal Bliss! The above image of 26-year-old Nitra, 28-year-old Mario and their 5-year-old son MJ went viral on Facebook earlier this month. This moving caption accompanied the pic:

Mario: Masters of Special Education (May 7)

Nitra: Juris Doctor (May 21)

MJ: Kindergarten (May 23)

‪#‎MayGrads‬ ‪#‎AFamilyThatStudiesTogether‬

Read more about married power duo Mario and Nitra, and their adorable baby boy MJ below. We’re pretty sure you’ll be inspired too.

According to an interview on TheYBF.com, Nitra and Mario met each other while in undergrad at Xavier University and married in 2010. Both are scheduled to receive their post-graduate degrees in May and son MJ will follow in their footsteps when he picks up his kindergarten diploma a few days later.

Nitra shared some of the challenges she and her husband experienced to arrive at this point.

“I became pregnant with our son my sophomore year in college,” Nitra told TheYBF.com. “It was a trying time because we attended Xavier in New Orleans and had no family within the area, the closest was 7 hours away. My husband and I began to depend on one another for daily aspects in life as we both finished undergrad.”

Every day was a new learning experience and everyday we pushed one another so that we could still achieve the goals we had set,” Nitra explained.

The proud Loyola New Orleans School of Law student, mommy and wife wants the world to know, “This year we will both be graduating from graduate school and our son will be graduating from kindergarten with honors. God is so good.

And there’s more! Nitra recently published a book about her family’s journey titled, Balancing Adversity available on Amazon. Whew!

I'm proud of you, Mommy!
I’m proud of you, Mommy!

The tenacity and hard work of these two — all the while being a positive example of love and resilience for their son? You have to respect this union. Join Triple B in congratulating this awesome family below in the comments!

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