Charli Penn

  • The Road to Mrs.: Spoiling Your Bridesmaids 101

    Calling all bridezillas! I’ve seen one too many brides abuse their bridesmaids and I’ve had it with the disrespect. Ladies, are you serious? Yes, when you’re getting married things are supposed to be all about you, but you can’t be the star of the show if there’s no supporting cast. If you want your girls […]


  • The Road to Mrs.: My Search for the Perfect Wedding Weave

    Dress? Check. Accessories? Check. Hair? Help! Like most brides, I’m after one thing and one thing only: sheer perfection! From the rings on the napkins to the polish on my nails, I’m praying that on my wedding day every detail will be just right. Now, the reality is having everything go my way is probably […]