Tie The Knot Tuesdays

  • Tie the Knot Tuesday: Akida & Ken

    Bride: Akida Stephens, 34 Groom: Kenneth “Ken” Neely, 47 Occupations: Stephens, communications manager; Neely, owner of IT company Homebase: Philadelphia Wedding Date: October 15, 2010 Wedding Location: Ceremony & Reception: Hotel Sofitel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  • Tie the Knot Tuesday – Chifonda & Euan

    Bride: Chifonda Kelly, 36 Groom: Euan Henry, 40 Occupations: Kelly, school business administrator; Henry, photographer Homebase: New Jersey Wedding Date: December 12, 2010 Wedding Location: Wedding & Reception – Grand Cayman Suites, Grand Cayman Island


  • Tie the Knot Tuesday: Itia & Santoine

    Bride: Itia Ayana Brown, 23 Groom: Santoine Geraldo Lee, 24 Occupations: Brown, preparing for medical school; Lee, software engineer Homebase: Georgia Wedding Date: September 4, 2010 Wedding Location: Ceremony: Emmanuel Community Church;  Reception: Cherokee Run Country Club, both in Conyers, Georgia