Tie The Knot Tuesdays

  • Tie the Knot Tuesday – Nicole & Marcus

    Bride: Nicole Manns, 28 Groom: Marcus Mayo, 27 Occupations: Manns, doctoral candidate; Mayo, financier Homebase: New York City Wedding Date: June 19, 2010 Wedding Location: Ceremony: First Unitarian Church, Germantown, Pennsylvania; Reception: The Downtown Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  • Tie the Knot Tuesday – Lynda & Alonzo

      Triple B experienced technical difficulties yesterday so please enjoy this edition of Tie the Knot Tuesday on Wednesday. Bride: Lynda Johnson, 54 Groom: Alonzo Wright, 47 Occupations: Lynda, Web entrepreneur/college professor; Alonzo, musician Homebase: New York City Wedding Date: May 29, 2010 Wedding Location: at the couple’s home in Harlem, New York


  • Tie the Knot Tuesday – Erika & Terence

    Bride: Erika Peters, 27 Groom: Terence Gibson, 28 Occupations: Peters, legal analyst; Gibson, systems analyst Homebase: Maryland Wedding Date: September 26, 2009 Wedding Location: ceremony and reception brunch: The Gardens at Sunday Park; reception after-party: Crown Plaza, Richmond, Virginia