If I ever have a wedding with a formal bridal party, my girls are rocking these dresses!

We’ve all been there. Your cousin, best friend or sister announces she wants you to be in her wedding. Great! Then she sets you up for the okey doke with “The bridesmaid dresses are going to be so cute. I’m picking something you’ll actually want to wear again.” Sure you think to yourself. I can’t wait to wear a turquoise, taffeta, floor length gown to my company holiday party next year.  I think most brides have the best intentions when they share the above or similar sentiments with their bridal party but rarely is it true. Enter twobirds Bridesmaid to the rescue :

Not only are these dresses fly as heck, they are made from a jersey/nylon/spandex blend which means they’re also comfortable and wrinkle-resistant so they will travel well. In addition, theses frocks are essentially only available in two sizes: A (0-14) and B (16-24) which cuts down on a lot of potential confusion. However these convertible dresses are figure flattering on virtually every body type from the petite, stocky bridesmaid to the long, leggy ones. And the bridesmaids individual personalities can shine through as one dress can be worn as a halter, another as strapless, yet another as a wrap dress, etc. There are custom colors available, too and they even have ties for the groomsmen to match the dress. Sweet, right? I dig all the styles but my two faves are the Annie and the Rachel. Prices start at $270 which might seem steep but consider two important factors: the dress probably won’t require any alterations and these are dresses that will be worn again and again unlike that coral chiffon number sitting on your closet floor right now.

A well-dressed bridal party is a happy bridal party.

Speaking of bridesmaid dresses that never see the light of day after their first wearing, prom season is quickly approaching in NYC ( I realize in some cities it has already passed). Why not do a little purging while giving back to a young person who can’t afford to purchase a new prom dress? I did this a few years back and it made me feel so good but I hope it made some deserving young lady feel even better. Look into Donate My Dress (nationwide) and Girl Talk Foundation (Charlotte, NC – ask about 2011 prom season donations) if you’re interested.

Have a fab weekend!