From the time I first learned about the rich history of jumping the broom, I knew I wanted to incorporate the beloved tradition into my own wedding. However while planning my 2013 nuptials, I found that the options are quite limited for brooms created with this purpose in mind. (The company that provided my wedding day broom has since gone out of business.)

Enter…Mahogany Essence!

Mahogany Essence is a boutique Charlotte, NC-based Black + woman owned business that creates one of a kind brooms like the beautiful style pictured above. Whether you’re a boho bride (think Solange), a classic/traditional bride (think Gabrielle Union) or a fashion forward bride (think Rihanna when/if she ever ties the knot), Mahogany Essence has an option for you. Each broom is decorated by hand, one of a kind and owner Melissa can even customize broom according to your specific wedding colors, add unique details that might be of significance to you two as a couple or any other special requests you might have.

The broom above retails for $65 US (plus shipping costs). Black Bridal Bliss has partnered with Mahogany Essence brooms and now these brooms are available exclusively by special order via Triple B. Email [email protected] with the words MAHOGANY ESSENCE BROOMS in the subject line for more information and to place orders.

P.S. – These brooms are an investment since they make amazing decor items to place on a mantle or hang on a living room wall in your new home together after saying I Do. In addition, Mahogany Essence brooms are ideal heirlooms for future generations to incorporate into their wedding day.

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