What do you think of this bride and her babes? #BRIDALPARTYGOALS

These beauties are slaying in their matching bathing suits and headwraps. I also love a pair of oversized sunglasses!

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Ladies and gents, introducing: #BridalPartyGoals Moment of the Week! This brand-new weekly series will highlight a compelling pic every Wednesday of a bride and her bridal party. These pics could be taken in an exotic location like Bali or in front of a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY. The only requirement is that it resonates with other Black women. It could be the pose, the clothes, the scenery, the silliness caught on camera–as long as it feels real to us.

This idea came from us seeing so many bold and beautiful women on social media loving up on brides whether they are friends, cousins, sorority sisters or church choir homies. We’re truly enjoying them and know you will too. Our hardworking assistant editor Janee Weather will be carefully curating this new feature. Remember to tag your future pics with the hashtags: #BridalPartySquadGoals, #BPSG and #BLKBRIDALBLISS.

The absolute best part of #BRIDALPARTYSQUADGOALS on Triple B? These images showcase an all too rare sisterhood between Black women that mainstream media ignores. That’s the kinda thing we want to promote; because we’re bigger than weddings.

What do you like most about this pic? Do you think this bride-to-be and her babes rocked this shot? Let us know in the comments.

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