As promised, the first Wednesday of the month here on Triple B is now dedicated to a financial find that can help you add more bliss to your life — regardless of your relationship status. In 2015, I am challenging myself to include even more financial resources to empower Black women and their families on and boy are we kicking the year off with a bang! Whether you’re saving for a wedding, a modest townhouse, a third vacation home in the South of France, building a college fund for Junior, searching for smarter ways to invest, trying to increase your credit score or just all around want to be better informed about your finances, today’s Pick of the Week should definitely be on your radar:

Tiffany Aliche aka The-Budgetnista

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche – Tiffany, who purchased her first home at 25, lost it and her good credit score at 28, and managed to gain it all back at 32, recently launched her amazing Live Richer Challenge where she is helping more than 8,000 women all over the globe — including me — reach or get on the road to reaching at least three financial goals in 36 days. The Live Richer Challenge has developed an incredible support system both on and offline as there are women sharing and exchanging information on everything from couponing to tactics for teaching positive financial practices to children. Who said Black women don’t support each other? Did I mention the Live Richer Challenge is free? Regardless of how good you think you are with money, there’s always room to improve. I can already tell this challenge is going to be life changing for me and there are thousands of other women who seemingly feel the same. (Be sure to read Tiffany’s childhood “bike” story when you have downtime. It is such a powerful lesson for us all.) Psst: We’re only in day 3 of the challenge so there’s still time to join!

You can find The Budgetnista on Instagram where she also educates in an encouraging non-preachy format.

P.S. – Tiffany stresses, and I strongly agree with her, that living “richer” has very little to do with money and more to do with a mindset. Take a moment to let that marinate.