She Said Yes: He put a ring on it!

Your fiancé proposes to you on bended knee onstage (!) at a Beyoncé concert during a performance of Single Ladies in front of a packed St. Louis crowd. The proposal goes viral and is shared on social media thousands of times over leading everyone from major news outlets to suburban stay-at-home moms fawning over you and your beloved and releasing a collective, “Aww!”

Watch the video below so you too can swoon (some more) for yourself.

Um, can you say e-p-i-c? This is no longer a breaking news story but we’ve yet to cover it here. So join Triple B in congratulating choreographer/dancer Ashley Everett and her boo thang and fellow dancer John Silver on their pending nuptials.

Are you a fan or foe of large, public proposals? Sound off in the comments!