Former Tie the Knot Tuesday bride Rashida is gorgeous in a sophisticated birdcage veil!

Confession: I had no idea there were so many types of veils until I launched Triple B. (And I have two degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology plus studied fashion in London, England.) The truth is, I highly doubt most women do. So when it is time to search for their own veil brides are typically clueless and feel daunted by the whole process. Ladies, refer to this when you go gown/veil shopping this weekend — whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride or a bridesmaid it could prove helpful. You’re welcome!

Birdcage Surprise! This veil resembles a…wait for it…birdcage. It can give the same feeling as a fascinator and is typically pulled off best by trendy, fashion-forward brides.

Blusher Veil

Blusher A short, single layer veil that is worn over the face and lifted back during the ceremony. Because the bride needs to be able to see with it covering her face, a blusher must be made of translucent fabric. [photo credit:]

Cathedral Veil

Cathedral A cathedral veil is the most formal romantic, stretching out many feet behind the bride. Similar to the chapel veil, a cathedral veil may have multiple layers and a blusher.  It is typically paired with a formal gowns that has an equally long cathedral train. [photo credit:]

Chapel A formal veil that cascades down the bride’s back and touches the floor. Chapel veils are usually worn with a formal dress that has a sweep train. The most elaborate chapel veils have multiple layers and a small blusher layer as well.

Elbow Length Veil

Elbow Length  Like its name suggests, the elbow length veil comes directly below the elbow. It works well with most dresses and is pretty versatile. [photo credit:]

Fingertip Veil

Fingertip  This style is becoming increasingly popular. It usually has several layers of material that extend, as the name implies, down to the bride’s fingertips. Petite women can be overwhelmed by these veils and should avoid them if possible.

Mantilla This style is traditionally fashioned from a circular piece lace or tulle with lace edges that is draped over a comb that frames the bride’s face. They are available in various lengths and evoke an ethereal elegance. (Tie the Knot Tuesday bride Robyn was absolutely stunning in her mantilla veil.)

Shoulder Length This is one of the most popular veils. It comes right below the shoulders and is ideal for summer and/or casual weddings.

Tier Veil

Tier Tier veils, like the name suggests, often have two layers, usually of different lengths, one of which may be the blusher. [photo credit:]

Which veil style is your favorite?

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