For the first Final Fridays with Cousin Mars of 2015, I’ve decided to go cliché. Many of you have probably already forgotten several of your 2015 resolutions. Don’t worry; very few expected you to actually make those changes. There are some resolutions/changes I want to encourage you to follow through with completely. If you’re a loyal Triple B follower, you have definitely heard or read the phrase “marriage is a marathon, not a sprint.” This adage is paramount for those pursuing a happy and healthy wedlock. During this time, when most people are often more open to change than they are during the other eleven months of the year, I encourage couples to make a concerted effort in maintaining the proposed changes or resolutions.

Your favorite cousin has a few suggestions for you. Nope…I’m not going to give the few that everyone expects. If you need to hear that today is the perfect time to prepare your spouse’s favorite meal for dinner or have a dozen long stemmed roses sent to their job or wear that slightly uncomfortable outfit that you know turns them on, then you clearly don’t remember how real I keep things. My suggestions require effort. Albeit minor effort if you’re truly in love and are serious about wanting your partner to be the happiest he or she can be in your relationship. Think twice about repeating the “I’m too tired” auto response at night. Volunteer to share the responsibility of getting the kids ready for bed – trust me, help is almost always welcomed. Make time for the weekly/monthly/bi-monthly date nights that you guys have talked about for who knows how long. When viewing the big picture, these changes are all relatively minor. However, the positive impact these slight tweaks can have on a relationship is colossal.

If you’ve been in any romantic relationship beyond the honeymoon stage, you have probably realized how easy it is to participate in the finger pointing game. Perhaps you’ve even played the “I’m not changing until he/she changes.” How has that worked for you? Don’t answer – I think I can guess wisely. This may be your least favorite Final Fridays with Cousin Mars post, but it is one that I strongly suggest you save. Save and read as often as you deem necessary. After reading, take action. Some of you may not even realize that I’m helping you save your relationship. Thank me later. Actually, I’ll be happy enough if you simply comment below.

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