A City Hall wedding can be as stylish (or "tacky") as you want it to be...

Last night I received a sweet message on Facebook from an old classmate about her upcoming nuptials. She’s just starting her planning and torn on the type of wedding she wants. I was ecstatic that she now considers Triple B one of her trusted resources for all things bridal (YAY!) but became somewhat puzzled when I read the passage below:

Reality [about my upcoming wedding] has set in. It is no longer “pie in the sky”. A *good friend forbids me using City Hall. I found it efficient and intimate. Yet, “bootleg” and “tacky” have been thrown around.

Although I am a self-proclaimed bridal-junkie, staying true to oneself trumps everything in life for me. Everytime I don’t stay true to myself, I eventually regret it. As I explained in my very first Triple B post, I started this site to give Black women a louder voice in the bridal market. A recent study published in Women’s Wear Daily indicated that the average woman makes about 177 product decisions when planning her wedding. Crazy, right?! I’m hoping that BlackBridalBliss.com will make those decisions less stressful and confusing.

Just as important to me however is that visitors to this site don’t let their wedding overshadow their marriage. If a justice of the peace ceremony is what will make you and your beloved happy, who cares what anyone else thinks? I’ve never been married but I have covered dozens upon dozens of weddings. Whether the wedding cost $5,000 or $500,000 (Yes, I really covered a wedding that cost half a mil!) what’s most memorable is how happy and in love the couple seemed.

Getting hitched at City Hall can be classy and tasteful (recall a blue stiletto-wearing Carrie in the first Sex and the City flick) and jumping the broom at the Four Seasons might just be gaudy (Platinum Weddings anyone?). There are a kajillion factors to consider so remember everything is relative. When I do tie the knot, I’m hoping to elope with my baby and perhaps our immediate families and then host a big ‘ole reception inviting everyone we love in the following weeks to celebrate. No bridal party, no limo ride to the church ceremony…none of that is important to me at this stage in my life. When I do it, I only want to please my man and myself.

A good friend of mine is tying the knot late summer and decided to have the ceremony and reception in his backyard. He’s admittedly frugal (he owns several properties) and didn’t want to spend a lot on his nuptials but more importantly he wanted a wedding that truly reflected he and his soon-to-be wife. I’m so proud of him for not being pressured by society’s definition of what a wedding should or shouldn’t be. By the same token, I’m not mad at those who opt for the traditional bells and whistles for their big day either…Do you.

In the coming weeks, I will post on specific ways to make a City Hall wedding stylish and personal. But I had to get this off my chest today. I know most of you are shy about leaving comments but I really want to know how you guys feel about getting hitched at City Hall. Please drop me a line below and be honest. Thanks in advance!

*I truly believe said friend had the very best intentions.

Above image courtesy of weddingbee.com.