Is there a such thing as "doing too much" before marriage?

I recently read an article over on Black & Married with Kids written by Franchesca Warren titled, Can a Single Woman Do Too Much Before Marriage?. The piece was penned two years ago but the topics it addresses are still very relevant today. Warren explained that she became a homeowner at 23 — among having various other admirable accomplishments — and was happy to have married a man who viewed her ambition as a good thing. Yet, she points out how others maintain mantras like, “A woman should wait to purchase “big” things (dream car, house, etc.) until she’s married. If they don’t wait, then it’s intimidating to a potential mate.”

While Cousin Mars has covered this topic — somewhat — once (Hey, maybe it is time to revisit this Mars!), Triple B hasn’t gone here otherwise. I thought most — more like virtually all — of the folks in Triple B’s audience were on the same page as Warren. But upon more thought and reading the comments over on BAMWK, I realize that isn’t necessarily so.

Tell me folks, where do you stand? Do you think a woman should hold off on making big ticket purchases like a home, luxury vehicle, taking trips around the world, etc. until after marriage? Why or why not? Sound off!

Sidebar: In case there was even a question of where I stand on this matter…If I ever learn that my nieces or goddaughters are putting off reaching for their personal goals for the sake of a significant other, they will get an earful from me! If they want to purchase property, buy a Benz (I would highly suggest they go the certified pre-owned route because of how quickly cars depreciate though.) or backpack around Asia for a summer and have the means to do it and no major responsibilities holding them back, you better believe Auntie Bridgette will do everything she can to help them achieve those goals — well at least the property and the Asia trip. Sure I’m a longtime romantic, but condoning that girls and young women sit around waiting for someone to sweep them off their feet before they pursue personal goals is something I will neva, eva preach.