I recall how much angst one of my girlfriends went through after she got married and didn’t want to change her last name right away. She eventually hyphenated it but she put it off as long as possible. Her husband was not amused. The pair is (seemingly) happily married and even joke about my friend’s name change delay now but my friend experienced much more separation anxiety than she thought she would. I’ve since heard many women share similiar sentiments about the emotional challenges of changing their name after saying “I Do”. Crazy or common?

I plan to hyphenate my last name(s) after marriage. My fiance and I are cool with this. I have used my last name professionally for over a decade; my byline is largely how I earn a living. However for many men and some women, even hyphens after walking down the aisle symbolize a lack of commitment. What do you guys think? Does a name mean everything or nothing?

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