Angela Simmons wearing a Vivienne Tam dress

Cousin Mars thinks – Looking at this dress confuses me. It looks like two dresses were combined and the solid blue strip was used only to hide the seam. With that being said, I’m still digging the look. Wearing this dress to a rehearsal dinner should guarantee a few “double takes.” Although I don’t have any suggestions, a perfected accessories game could put this look over the edge — in a good way. This dude doesn’t always need to see cleavage or booty to be a fan of a dress.

Venus thinks – Baby doll dresses are great for rehearsal dinners! With spring around the corner, I thought a reminder of how adorable Angela Simmons looked in this multicolored piece for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week was appropriate. I’m usually not a fan of white shoes, but these are perfect. Although I could have done without the collar, Simmons is completely flawless. What do you think?

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