Road to Mrs. blogger Jene is determined not to neglect her fiance in the midst of planning their wedding.

First Triple B let me apologize, technical difficulty caused me not to post last week. I missed you guys and I am happy to be back.

As of today there are 144 days until my wedding. Time is really flying. However even with the looming presence of a ticking clock and days on the calendar flying by, I choose to remind myself the “wedding” isn’t the highlight of September 15, 2012 in my life.  As a soon to be bride, blogging on a bridal site I know this statement seems strange. I can explain.With time turning against me, and the pressure of trying to create a perfect wedding day starts to weigh on me I have to remind myself the focus should not be on the wedding but on the marriage. A very wise friend of mine shared that philosophy with me during a planning melt down, and it has made all the difference.

It is easy to get so caught up in the tasks of planning an event; you forget why you are doing it in the first place. On September 15, 2012 I will become Mrs. Royshawn Harrison. On this day he and I will stand before God and pledge our lives to one another. The significance of this is more important than any dress, flower choice, or menu option.  Becoming the wife of the man I love with all my heart overshadows all the hoopla. So when I start feeling overwhelmed and anxious about planning issues, I remind myself what it is really about.

Of course we want to have a beautiful remembrance of the day to share with our family and friends. That’s what the wedding will ultimately be. The opportunity to have our loved ones join us in celebrating this momentous chapter in our lives.  So whether everything goes perfectly according to “plan” on that day or not, the end result will be what’s important.  Standing with the love of my life and hearing the words, I now pronounce you husband and wife.