Jene and her fiance Royshawn have officially begun the six month countdown to their September wedding!

Hey Triple B! I missed you guys last week. I was down with a cold and wasn’t able to post. I am happy to be back on my feet and really glad to be back with you guys.

The realization that my wedding day is six months away has begun to settle in, and I am officially freaking out. While we have solidified quite a few things already, there is still so much left to do and time is speeding by.We had to change our original date. The venue I wanted was not available September, 9th so we had to change the date to the 15th. I was upset about it at first, but Shawn talked me down and helped me see the bigger picture of a marriage as opposed to a wedding date. So I was able to take it in stride and see the silver lining; plus it bought me another week to get it all together. Because more and more lately I find myself asking, ‘Where did all the time go?’

So now the ever looming task of dress shopping is on the horizon. I made an appointment for the ladies in my wedding party to begin outfitting for the big day. I am hopeful that will go smoothly. Let’s be honest, we all know women are extremely opinionated, especially when it comes to clothes. With multiple opinions set to one goal, it can either be harmonious or complete chaos. I am praying for the former.

Even though I have made a bridal party appointment, the bride is nowhere near ready to “say yes to the dress”. I have lost thirty pounds thus far, but my final goal has yet to be attained. I am a full dress size down with still two to go. I know I can’t put it off much longer, but I will take advantage of any minute I have left; part dedication, part praying for a miracle.

I am also procrastinating a bit because I’m being a big baby. I truly believe every girl wants her mother to be with her when she selects the dress she will be wed in, and my mother lives in Alabama while I reside in New York. She is currently trying to arrange her schedule so she can come to New York to help me. I am being every bit of a brat because I don’t want to do it without my Mommy. Ninety percent truth, ten percent excuse to buy more weight loss time; remember from prior posts I am nothing if not honest-don’t judge me. LOL!

So with six months left on my calendar, I am in full on planning mode. Let me take this time to pray: Lord, please order my steps and guard my tongue. Please keep me from becoming the under stress fire breathing monster I see and mock on TV. And when I do — because I know I will — Lord I thank you for not having cameras rolling to preserve my moments of shame for all of America. Amen. Wish me luck Triple B!