I absolutely love being natural. Natural hair is all kinds of amazing and extremely versatile. Since making the transition almost 10 years ago, I vowed to never return to the creamy crack…even on those days when my natural curls seem most unruly or when my twist outs are just, well, “out”, I swear I will never revert back to old my old ways!

I will be the first to proclaim that I am NOT the president of the natural hair club. I do not subscribe to the notion that naturalistas are forbidden from exploring a variety of hairstyles, including non-natural hairstyles. Therefore, I tend to switch my hairstyles up often, alternating between natural hairstyles and protective looks, mainly weave sew-ins. I have a stylist who helps me maintain my natural hair and I also have a go-to stylist who installs my weave sew-ins. Alternating between natural and sew-ins has worked very well for me over the years and gives me and my hair a break from styling as well as allowing me to give in to my ever changing desire to switch up my hairstyles. All things considered, I’m struggling to decide if I should go natural or opt for a weave sew-in option on my wedding day.

Since I am getting married in July, outside, in southern California, I need a hairstyle that will cooperate with weather. Also, I have to take my honeymoon into consideration, I would like a hairstyle that requires minimum maintenance, but lots of flexibility. Ah, decisions, decisions…

So, following the course of action I’ve taken during the last 14 months of wedding planning, when I need inspiration, I turn to my trusty online resource Pinterest for assistance. After combing through various non-natural and weave wedding hairstyle photos, came across natural-esq weave extensions. The hair simulates the texture of natural hair, but would allow for my natural hair to be sewn into a protective style. We may be on to something.

I reached out to my stylist and sent him various pictures of brides rocking luscious naturally looking curls. We located a vendor, Heat Free™ Hair and started selecting the best hair for me to order for a trial. We decided that we will perform a trial run before the wedding to determine whether or not this will be the direction to go. If we choose to not use the Heat Free™ Hair, I’ve decided that I will still rock some sort of protective hair style for my wedding day. The last thing I want to worry about is hair, so for me, a protective style will minimize the amount of styling needed and will give me tons of flexibility.

What are your thoughts on wedding hair? Natural? Sew in? Relaxed? Blown or Flat-Ironed Straight?

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