Bridgette & Jenni (Owner of Spices Cooking Studio)
(from l to r) Plantains, Stewed Chicken + Rice & Peas

1) Private Cooking Lesson – I’m sure there are many to choose from, but there is one on the island that I can personally vouch for – Spices Cooking Studio. This experience is definitely a win/win. You and your beau get a cooking lesson from a talented chef, Spices owner Jenni Killam, and you get to eat the true Lucian cuisine you prepared while taking in a picturesque view on Jenni’s gorgeous patio. Oh yeah, and you don’t have to worry about doing any dishes. TIP – This is always an enjoyable and romantic option. Plus, Spices uses super-fresh ingredients (many from Jenni’s on-premises garden) and can address most special dietary concerns.

St. Lucian Jump Up Crowd
When in Rome...
2) Jump-Up – Street vendors, local food, good music, liquor, and plenty of beautiful people are what you should expect if you decide to attend the island’s weekly Jump Up. Each Friday, Gros Islet plays host for the popular street party. Pictures don’t offer a just representation, and neither does this short video that I found online – click here to viewI can’t think of a better way to truly witness locals limin’ and encouraging all present tourists to do the same. TIP – If you haven’t downed a Piton beer yet, this is the time to change that. When in Rome…
Don't knock it before trying

3) La Soufriere Volcano & Sulfur Springs – Assuming you don’t live near any volcanoes, you can learn something by taking part in one of the short (you really don’t need more than 30-minutes) tours at the world’s only Drive-in Volcano (according to Wikipedia). After getting your education on and praying that you don’t witness an eruption first hand (jokie joke), take the two minute drive or ten minute walk to the Sulfur Springs. Many people, locals and tourists alike, feel there are several medical and health benefits to soaking in these springs. To get the full benefit, you must sensually rub the sulfur mud onto your significant other. Enjoy this part because you never know how often s/he is going to allow you to rub mud on them. At this point, I can assure you things are about to get hot. No, really things are about to get hot. According to experts, the Black Water Pool is slightly over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. TIP – It is highly recommended that you don’t wear a white swimsuit to the Sulfur Springs. Oh and it stinks (!) but you’ll get used to the smell — oddly enough — after a few minutes.

Pitons, as seen from Jade Mountain

4) Pitons – There are two ways to tackle the island’s most popular attraction. Your choices – sightseeing or hiking. If you are comfortable committing approximately four hours of time that will be totally worth it, hiking is for you. It’s in your best interest to be honest with yourself regarding your fitness level; many have experienced extreme fatigue, cramping and/or vomited attempting to be a Piton weekend warrior. Multiple options can be considered if sightseeing or picture taking route is more your style. TIP – In both cases, a professional tour guide is strongly suggested.

This could be you

5) Multiple Water Sports – Like most of the Caribbean, there are a plethora of fun water activities to engage in when visiting St. Lucia, from kayaking (one of my personal favorites) and wind windsurfing to jet-skiing and aquacycling. Insiders agree that the best place to begin a scuba dive along the coral walls is the beach at Anse Chastanet Resort, a property on the southwest coast. TIP – Ask your resort’s concierge about dolphin/whale spotting cruises which typically take place in the northern part of the island.

The ultimate purpose of your trip, right?

TIP – Be sure to make it to the wedding on time.

Have you ever vacationed in St. Lucia (for a wedding or otherwise)? What activity did you enjoy most?

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