A Token of Thanks

I recently stumbled across a great lil’ find on Glamour Weddings. Many couples are now using the above cards – or variations of them — to thank their wedding guests. I think they’re pretty neat plus quick and painless for any DIY bride (or groom) to create. The cardstock can of course coordinate with your wedding colors and the words should be tweaked to reflect you and your spouse. You can even add a pic. How pleasantly surprised will your guests be to find this waiting for them at the reception rather than the standard menu card?

Traditionally couples often included a version of this in their wedding program but this feels fresher. Yes, it is more paper but I’m sure it could be printed on recycled cardstock plus this could quite honestly double as a favor. In addition, weddings flash by. I’ve yet to come across a couple who had a wedding that didn’t stress how fast the day was for them. Instead of feeling the pressure of having to greet each and every guest — which gets tricky if you have more than 125 — at least they’ve been reminded of your sentiments before anyone starts to eat or do The Wobble.

Before anyone starts clutching their pearls, I’m not suggesting folks embrace this idea as a replacement for mailing thank you cards to guests following the big day or even implying that these cards substitute face time with your Uncle JuneBug who drove all the way from Alabama to New York to see you say “I Do” to your soulmate. It is simply an addition to those things. A creative one at that. Seems like a win-win to me.

[Image courtesy of Glamour.]