On Friday, May 5, I had the pleasure of appearing on The Tom Joyner Morning Show as a special guest of Jacque Reid’s In Her Hour segment. (WOO HOO!) The topic was How Men Can Keep the Women in Their Lives Happy. This lively exchange covered how men in relationships balance their romantic partners along with their mothers, daughters, ex-wives and ex-girlfriends, “work wives”, sisters + more. We actually ran out of time because there was so much to discuss!

The subject of children came up more than once during the segment and after further thought I realized it was about time to revisit blended families here on Black Bridal Bliss. So here’s our question of the day:

When did you decide it was time for your child or children to meet your significant other? For those who are romantically linked to someone with a child or children, how long did you see each other before being introduced to the child/children? If you both had children before getting engaged or married, how long did you wait before introducing the children to each other? Do you think the biological parent should meet the new partner before introducing them to the children?


Family is super-important to Triple B and furthermore to our community so we really want to get your thoughts. Leave a comment with alllll your feedback!

Feel free to listen to the segment here. And be sure to pick up the May 2017 (pages 117-119) issue of Essence for my feature on this topic as well.