Norwood poses at Cove Lounge in Harlem
Songstress Brandy poses at Cove Lounge in Harlem

Mars thinks  Nope. Not cool. Under no circumstances, other than a sleep over, would I approve of this look. On the low, I’m a big Brandy fan. Chardonnay (her character on The Game) has even caused me to give a few double takes – kudos to the wardrobe director. However, this look here…uhh…nah, I can’t approve. I hope Ray J doesn’t read this after sipping some courage and come looking for me.

Venus thinks Mars, unfortunately I have to disagree with you. Perhaps because this look screams my style! For one wide leg trousers are coming back in case you haven’t noticed and what woman doesn’t enjoy being cute and comfortable. A white rendition of this look would be great for beach nuptials not only for the bride, but guests as well. This look could be matched with a stiletto in a number of different hues, but personally I think the red is perfect? What do you guys think? Is Brandy a “bae” or is she going to bed?

[Image courtesy of Essence Magazine.]