Mr. Chappelle looking like $1,000,000!

Cousin Mars thinks – I’ll start by saying I am a huge Chappelle fan. I probably wouldn’t be too critical of any outfit he wore. Fortunately for me, Dave made critiquing this look a cinch. First few thoughts – distinguished, elegant, and classy. This tux would totally rock on one’s wedding day. The untied bow and unbuttoned collar shouldn’t occur until the feet hit the dance floor during the reception and a few sips have been tasted. As always, proper fit and an appropriate level of confidence puts this look over the top.

Venus thinks – I absolutely love this tux! It’s a very unique color combination and a great wear for the winter groom. The black silk lining adds a classic touch. While I’m a big fan of the tux, I think the loose collar looks a little messy. Gentlemen, I suggest that you do not try this on your big day. Maybe if you want to feel a little more comfortable at your reception you can attempt it. But a lose bow tie for the ceremony? I don’t think that’s a great idea. “Keep it classy” not only goes for the bride, but for grooms as well.

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[Picture courtesy of GQ Magazine.]