This is sort of how I used to envision my wedding invitations. Did it actually happen? Nope.

I am a huge stationery fan. It all began when my father purchased personalized stationery for me when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I even worked a part-time job at a very high-end British stationery and small leather goods boutique as an adult. Oh and guess what else? I dabble in calligraphy (another hobby I owe to my father). So much so that one of my girlfriends paid me to address her wedding invitations. Add to all of this that I’m a bridal blogger and let’s just say that the pressure to have “THE BOMBinvitation suite was a bit daunting. Okay, it was very daunting.

As much as I have learned over the years about the sophistication of “bruised” stationery, tissue lined envelopes and such, what ultimately mattered most to Mr. TK and me was adding personal touches to our invitation suite. My dreams of calligraphy addressed invites? Gone. I simply didn’t have time so clear labels saved the day. Tissue lined envelopes? It didn’t happen. Hand-engraved invites? Not us. But what we did insist upon was a mention of my deceased father and Mr. TK’s deceased maternal grandmother on our invitation. We also incorporated a way for guests to impart special and individual messages to us about marriage on their RSVP cards. And we stayed in our budget, too.

The moral of the story (for me at least) is that rarely in life do we get everything we want all at once. The disappointments/challenges Mr. TK and I are experiencing during the wedding planning process are great preparation for what is sure to come in our days ahead as husband and wife. We’re already a great team, but I truly believe the planning process is making us stronger. Good stuff.

And you know what? We’re still getting a plethora of compliments on our invitation suite! Hmph.