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  • The Road to Mrs. – Fitness, Food and Dress Fitting

    Goodbye wine. Goodbye tacos. Goodbye choco – wait, cheat days exist, no? Apparently, not, especially when #buffbride is the mission and the mission must be complete in roughly 90 days…but who’s counting? Even more of a looming deadline is my dress fitting scheduled in about 4 days…again, no one really counting here…


  • The Road to Mrs. – 100 Days to Go!

    If it wasn’t really real before, it’s real now. 1000% real. 100 days and counting until we exchange our “I dos”. Excited? Absolutely. Ready? Emotionally — no doubt. Ready as far as wedding planning is concerned? Let’s talk about it.


  • The Road to Mrs. – Why We Chose Premarital Counseling

    The union of two people, two independent individuals with their own set of values, morals, and ideas about finances, marriage, and children, can lead to an extremely successful union or one that is destined to fail — sometimes very early on. Understanding that a marriage continues beyond the wedding day, we knew early on that […]