bride-on-a-budget on black bridal bliss
Triple B friend and former Road to Mrs. blogger Charli Penn wrote an article that offers staggering statistics about weddings and specifically how many modern couples pay for weddings. Get this folks, a whopping 57 percent of couples borrow money from a credit card or financial institution to finance their wedding! And there are more depressing finds:

“Going into debt to tie the knot is what wedding industry experts like to call having a “red wedding” because the couple’s bank accounts are in the red after the fun is over. The survey reveals that this happens more than one might expect. Close to 21 percent of couples will spend more then they can really afford.”

I’ll withhold my commentary on these stats because if you’ve read this, or this and definitely this — you already know my thoughts on this kind of spending behavior for a wedding. Plus, Triple B constantly shares innovative ways to get the most bang for your bridal buck. However, I now want to hear from you. Please complete the below poll and share your candid thoughts on this topic in the comments.

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