The Nearlyweds Have a Night Out on the Town in NYC!

This week Shawn and I went out for my birthday. When saving for a wedding, we are learning to be creative with observing life’s milestones. We’re taking advantage of any and all money saving deals we can find. It just so happened that my birthday fell during NYC’s Restaurant and Broadway week. We were able to score two for one Broadway tickets as well as deeply discounted three course meals. We had a fabulous time. Memphis is a must see, and the food at City Lobster and Steak in the theatre district was delicious. Fortunately for my diet’s sake the portions were just enough to satisfy, because there was no way I was passing up dessert. It was my birthday for Pete’s sake. I was in love with the dress I wore for the evening. This body conscious dress served double duty. It allowed me to revel in my progress thus far, while reminding me just how much work I have left to do.

On the planning front we met with the caterer and liquor distributor this past weekend. The young man who will be catering our wedding is phenomenal. Everything he served was absolutely scrumptious. So good, words can barely describe it. There was a point during the tasting I had to prevent Shawn from licking the plate. I didn’t even want to go home to prepare Sunday dinner. I felt like an inept loser in the kitchen after sampling his proposed menu. Luckily he sent us home with a to-go box so I could spare my feelings for the evening. I will be sharing more information about the extraordinary young man in future Triple B entries. The ladies of “Vice Liquids” were equally as impressive. Vice will be providing the spirits for our big day. They prepared an array of concoctions for us to try in an attempt to select our signature drinks. The only problem we had was everything was so good it was difficult to make a choice. What a great problem to have.  Hiccup!!

This was an eventful and productive week in Harrison/Jackson nuptial planning. Go Team!