I’ve attended a lot of weddings. I’ve been a participant in several weddings. I remember beautiful weddings, great receptions with good music, good drinks and good food. Just as I can remember bad music, bad food and bad wedding guest behavior resulting from the great reception with good music, good drinks and good food – mostly because of the drinks, I digress, but what I don’t recall about any wedding that I have attended, been invited to or been part of is the couple’s wedding invitations

I’m almost positive I’ve never received a super horrible wedding invite – at least, I can’t remember, but how important are wedding invitations anyway? On a scale of 1 to 10 of the most important things that really matter concerning weddings, to me, wedding invitations fall somewhere towards the “probably-don’t-really-matter-will-end-up-in someone’s-trash-at-some-point” end of the scale. Right? Or maybe wedding invitations are viewed as the preview to the quality of the wedding – subpar wedding invitations = wack wedding. Possibly, but I’m still leaning towards the notion that wedding guests are more concerned with open bar versus elaborate wedding invite…and recently, I even read an article on Pinterest (Oh my love/hate relationship with Pinterest. See last week’s post for the full scoop!), that confirmed that wedding guests couldn’t really care less about the 5 x7 cardstock paper wedding invitation.

Well, here’s where I landed. I ordered our “Save the Dates” from this cool, affordable site called weddingpaperdivas.com. They run frequent specials and have tons of design selections. After perusing several seemingly expensive, out-of-budget options that I found through my Instagram trolls and Google searches, I headed back over to weddingpaperdivas.com and began my invitation search. So many options and so many ways to narrow down the search – by theme, design style, color, theme, price, size, paper type, photo/no photo, even trim options. There is also an option to purchase an entire “wedding suite” which includes response and enclosure cards: I was in organization heaven!

I (let me be clear, Vlad wanted no parts of this, so this was totally a “me” project”) first narrowed down my selections by design style and chose “vintage” and “rustic” two of the styles we are incorporating in our wedding. As far as price, since there wasn’t a “we not broke yet and want to keep it that way” option, I selected the “$$” option – the only other choice besides the “$$$” option which I was sure equated to “PLATINUM WEDDING”.  Finally, I narrowed my selections by color, as I wanted to incorporate our wedding palette, if possible, into our invitations. After all my filters were applied, only 225 possible invites to choose from. Ut oh. 

So, what did I choose? The jury is still out. I only have a few more days before I must order invites (per my wedding to-do checklist), but I did share a few of my favorites in this post.

Even if no one ever remembers our wedding invitation, I hope they remember the hell I went through in choosing them, because, after all, guests don’t care about wedding invitations and this statement is backed by Pinterest, so it’s true. 😊

How did you find your wedding invitations? How important were wedding invitations to you during your wedding planning process?