Bridal Bliss in the Sunshine Sate with Roxann & James!

Bride: Roxann Reid, 40
Groom: James Goodman, 43
Occupations: Reid, project manager; Goodman, sales insurance professional
Homebase: Florida
Wedding Date: June 11, 2011
Wedding Location: Ceremony: Antioch Missionary Baptist Church; Oviedo, Fl; Reception: 310 Lakeside; Orlando, Fl

Let the Church Say Amen: Sometimes, the very thing we’re searching for is right in front of us. “We met in church. I had been going to the same church for 19 years and James for about 15 years but we never met,” recalls Roxann. She continues with a laugh, “He interrupted my conversation with another church member one day so I kinda rolled my eyes at him.” A few weeks passed and James gathered the nerve to approach Roxann — but this time there was no eye rolling. “He eventually introduced himself and I gave him my number. We spoke that evening from 5P to 8A the next day!” James reveals he was smitten by Roxann’s looks. “She was wearing a headwrap and had beautiful skin, teeth and eyes — she looked like an African queen,” he shares. And as he learned more about her he was further impressed. “I enjoyed our conversation,” says James.

Opposites Can Attract: As this duo learned more about each other, they discovered that their differences helped bring them closer together. “I’m a lover of old-school R&B/soul music and she really isn’t, she loves reality shows, I can’t understand why, I love sports and she couldn’t care one way or another about them,” explains James with a chuckle. But the couple does agree on things they think matter most. “I knew he was the one when I saw how he interacted with my family and the way he genuinely cared for me,” Roxann says. James agrees that family is paramount. “Roxann’s niece and nephew are very important to her so we like to spend time with them — sometimes as our own.”

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: This lovely romance endured it’s share of rockiness before heading to the altar. “A month after we starting dating I was laid off. And then a month after I started working again, he lost his job,” remembers Roxann. She admits that being unemployed weighed heavily on James and his pride. “As a man, he dealt with it differently than me and we broke up for a few months,” Roxann says. She admits the break up hurt but shares, “I let him do him.” During their time apart they still spoke regularly and it was the birthday party of Roxann’s nephew which James attended that brought the twosome back together. “We laugh about it now,” says Roxann.

We Are One: After two years, James asked Roxann to be his wife. But there was no ring or grand proposal in sight. “He didn’t officially ask me on one knee with an engagement ring until a week before the wedding. We are at home wrapping favors and I looked a hot mess!” reminisces Roxann. “I look forward to waking up to her every morning,” says James. So on a clear summer day before 141 guests, the two became husband and wife in a low-key ceremony and reception. Roxann who brags that she created her own invitations and programs shares, “The first time I got married I had the big, lavish 350 guests, $50,000 wedding. But this time the entire wedding cost $12,000 because we were flexible.” James admits the wedding was a blast. “We were the last people to leave our reception. Our DJ even packed up and left before us.”

Roxann’s Money Saving Tips for Future Brides:

Music Matters: Although they offer the classy chic vibe this couple was going for, live bands are notoriously more expensive than a standard DJ. However the Goodmans were able to have both thanks to the generosity of dear friends. Roxann shares, “We had a 4-piece blues and jazz band for $100 for our outdoor cocktail hour. It was the musicians’ gift to us.”

Become a Frugal Fashionista: Roxann wore a simple wedding gown from David’s Bridal but had her mom tweak the dress to make it her own. How’s that for couture on a budget? The savvy bride also topped it off with “a lace jacket from the Limited I had for years” to complete her budget-conscious look.

This Little Light of Mine: “We had brown, yellow and red tealight candles on all the reception tables along with a note that read, ‘Sharing a little of our light with you!’,” reveals Roxann. This idea was both cost-efficient and worked with the couple’s casual, super club reception feel.

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