A Fun New Jersey Couple Say I Do in Sunny Curacao!

Bride: T.H.
Groom: R.K.
Homebase: New Jersey
Wedding Date: April 14, 2012
Wedding Location: ceremony and reception: Curacao Breezes Resort & Spa, Curacao, West Indies

Excuse me, Miss Tracey never expected to meet her husband on the streets of New York City. In fact, she didn’t think too much of men who approached her on the street. “When Rashim first spoke to me, I was like ‘Why are you talking to me? I don’t talk to strangers'”, recalls Tracey with a laugh. Rashim remembers, “She wasn’t going to stop to talk to me.” But she admits, “I was intrigued because he asked me to lunch. Most guys ask you out to dinner or for drinks. He seemed different.”Three days later the pair met for lunch and well…The rest is Tie the Knot Tuesday history.

Fast Friends “We saw each other often, dating Rashim was effortless,” shares Tracey. Rashim reflects on one of the couple’s early movie dates, “I was late and Tracey waited for me and bought food for us.” He continues, “That told me a lot about her — I learned that she is patient and not selfish.” As their friendship evolved, Tracey too was impressed by the qualities she saw in Rashim, who is also a doting father to a 9 year-old daughter. “He’s attentive, he’s a provider and I feel safe with him. I couldn’t see myself with anyone else.”

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[All images courtesy of Ilene Squires Photography.]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work When the couple got engaged at Tracey’s place, she was completely caught off guard, which was exactly what Rashim wanted. “I was in my pjs and eating a bag of chips when he got down on one knee and proposed,” Tracey recalls. Of course Tracey gladly accepted but the couple’s excitement was quickly dampened. “Right after we got engaged Rashim was supposed to take a job in Brazil; it was a great opportunity but something didn’t go through,” Tracey says. Rashim shares, “Work became slow for me but she was supportive. She maintained a positive spirit even when I didn’t.” He adds, “Everyday [in a relationship] is not going to be sunny. We motivate each other. We’re a team.”

Meet Us in Curacao! The team ultimately decided to wed on the quaint Caribbean island of Curacao because as Tracey points out, “It was something different and not too populated by tourists.” Twenty guests traveled to the couple’s beachside nuptials including Tracey’s 81 year-old grandmother. The newlyweds are also planning to host a reception in Maryland, Tracey’s hometown, later this year. Rashim gleams with joy when reminiscing on his most memorable moments of his and Tracey’s wedding and points out playing volleyball as a highlight. Tracey echos her husband’s sentiment, “Everybody had a great time!” But the absolute best part of the ceremony for Rashim was seeing Tracey smile. “I was like okay, she’s happy.”

Tracey’s Money-Saving Tips for Future Bride

Two For One Tracey points out that hers and most destination weddings allow for the newly married couple to enjoy their wedding and honeymoon in one location for much less than the price of enjoying the two in different locales.

Travel Buddies Sure a destination wedding can be an excellent option for frugal brides but they can also prove to beneficial to loved ones itching to get their passports stamped. “Many of our guests had never been out of the country. They actually thanked us for inviting them,” recalls Tracey.

Take Your Time Do you and your beloved need extra time to save up for the wedding of your dreams? Tracey says, don’t fret. She explains, “We were engaged for a year and a half. Things don’t have to be rushed; we took our time.”

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