Song Bouquet offers couples a change to have a selection written just for them!

Confession: My very first “boyfriend” wrote all of the lyrics of A Teenage Love by Slick Rick on loose leaf paper and slipped it to me after school. I saved the papers for months and cherished them like my beloved Cabbage Patch Kids. Even I recognized waaaay back  then that this gesture took a lot of effort. (Remember, this was before the days of simply turning to Google to retrieve the lyrics of a song.)

Fast forward to 2012. A talented group of folks has taken this concept up a few notches (okay, more than a few) to bring us Song Bouquet. This innovative company writes personalized love songs for anyone looking to express their feelings in a bespoke way.
They create selections in all genres of music and have three different tiers of packages to choose from. The first starts at sixty bucks ($10 additional for hard-copy CD with cover art). Imagine the chance to have details specific to your relationship (like your names, your children’s names, the location of your first date) included in a song written just for you and your honey. Find out how this nifty service came about here. When I first learned of this awesome service I thought it was perfect for Triple B nearlyweds! But in addition, it is also excellent to use during a marriage proposal or anniversary.

The good folks at Song Bouquet were kind enough to share some of their musical expertise with Triple B on wedding day music. Check out their tips below:

Song Bouquet’s Tips for Selecting Wedding Music

Processional – The bride’s entrance signifies the beauty of matrimony. Your music should express that and amplify the significance of the moment. Find music that gets the attention of your guests.  Go classic or modern, but don’t stray too far away. The attention should be on you the bride.

Recessional – For all weddings this is the defining moment, signifying the life you’re beginning together. If you’re in a religious facility, a traditional tune is more appropriate but find something that reflects you. If you’re outside the church you can be more playful and vibrant.

First dance as newlyweds – A classic slow song that sparks into a spicy samba, or a traditional waltz that will stand the test of time would fit nicely. Here is where you can’t go wrong, whatever you choose will be amazing. Just remember to keep it appropriate, but make it your own.

Father/daughter dance, mother/son dance – make this a moment not just you will remember but, your mother or father will remember for the rest of their lives. Creating that moment will take special choosing with music, remember this part isn’t all about you, it’s about the mother/father that got you to this point. Keep it simple, classic and timeless because that’s exactly what it will be for them, timeless.

EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY***In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Triple B and Song Bouquet are giving YOU the chance to win a tier one selection! Tell me the artist and song name Triple B’s first Tie the Knot Tuesday couple Cleo and Lyncoln Dujon used for their wedding video trailer. (HINT: The entire video is black and white.) Just email your answer to me at: [email protected] by February 20th at midnight EST. You MUST be a fan of Black Bridal Bliss on Facebook in order to win. I will announce the winner on the site later this month.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!