Richmond, VA bride Clare and her girls: Baby's breath bouquets can be surprisingly chic!

Here’s the long and short of it. I do not have a large floral budget for my wedding. It is what it is. However I have an awesome support team (Thanks again, Nicole!) and I’ll be tapping into as many online frugal resources to execute my ideas as possible. There will be quite a bit of DIY going on. One idea I’m considering incorporating into my big day: Baby’s Breath!

Of course we’ve all received or given flowers with baby’s breath. It is usually simply a filler. But thanks to a newly married friend who was also on a strict budget, I have been made aware of the other creative uses of baby’s breath. Whether it is for a brides bouquet, bouquets for bridesmaids like above, centerpieces, ceremony decor or reception centerpieces like the example below, baby’s breath is a rustic yet surprisingly classy alternative to the pricier wedding go-to flowers like roses, orchids and peonies.

Candles are a proven way to add panache to a wedding without breaking a bank. Here we see how baby's breath can add a bit of softness as well.

I found a plethora of awesome uses for baby’s breath on this Pinterest Board (be sure to follow Triple B on Pinterest as well)! I’ll be doing some floral DIY trials with my super-creative friend Nicole over the next few weeks so I’ll let you all know how they work out. In the meantime, leave me a comment with your thoughts on nixing traditional wedding flowers for more affordable ideas and share your own frugal finds with the class, too.

*For more images from Clare’s gorgeous southern nuptials, click here. Thanks to The Bride’s Cafe for the image!