Triple B's latest GIVEAWAY winner, Patricia!

The entries came pouring in for Triple B’s last giveaway of blogger Curly Nikki’s new book, Better Than Good Hair (Amistad)! You all had memorable responses of who your celebrity hair muses would be for your wedding day. The winner was ultimately Patricia Quansah of Maryland (pictured above with her prize). Check out her winning response:

“Yvette Nicole Brown’s luscious crown of high-volume curls is a dream look for my future wedding! For me; a small cream floral/feathered piece would highlight this shoulder-length natural veil of gorgeous hair!”

Patricia also gushed that she “loves her book!” after receiving it in the mail. Triple B appreciates all those who participated in this exciting giveaway. Annoyed that you didn’t win? Don’t fret, a brand new giveaway will be announced on the site next week so stay tuned…

Also, help me help you for future discounts and giveaways! We’ve hosted photography giveaways to celebrity nail art and much more in the past. In the comments below, let me know what your ultimate bridal giveaway would be and depending on the feedback Triple B will try to make it happen.