Maybe going from Miss to Mrs. just got a little easier...

TGIF! Someone alerted me to this site a little while ago and I of course wanted to share with you guys. I figured anything to help make your life easier after saying “I Do” could be beneficial to Triple B. The Web site claims to be able to help you start your married life off with less paperwork and more time to enjoy the bliss of being a new wife.
A woman spends an average of 13 hours filling out forms and driving to various agencies just to go from a Miss to a Mrs. founder Danielle Tate has apparently found a way to streamline the process to a mere 30 minutes. The site has helped over 80,000 brides in the U.S. change their name securely with government, state and private agencies in just three steps.

So, have any of you used this site? Would you consider using it? Why or why not? Leave me a comment with your thoughts and have a great weekend!