Bella Azul: These blue satin shoes won't break your bridal bank!

I thought it was time for Triple B to share another round up of fly footwear so brides can strut their stuff. Not only are these shoes beautiful, but they’re guaranteed to save you a few. (Bucks that is!) Ladies, all the shoes mentioned are $130.00 or less.  I was sure to include color for the bold bride, sparkle for glamorous bride and a classic style for the calm bride. Happy Shopping!

So maybe you won’t be able to dance the night away like you’d hope, but at least the talk will be the bride’s shoes! Walk tall in these bejeweled Steve Madden Deeva Pumps (above)! They retail at $129.95 and can be found at

Whatever you do don’t forget your something blue! Do they remind you of the Manolo Blahnik’s Carrie Bradshaw wore for her nuptials in Sex and the City, the movie? They may not be Manolo, but Nina will do! These beauties above retail at $99 and can be found at

Less can be more. Maybe you’re the bride that isn’t into glam and that’s fine. A touch a sparkle on the heel is just enough “ta-da” for you. The above glittering pumps will do the trick and can be found at for $89.00.

Ivanka Trump Herly Sandals

Go for glamorous in these Ivanka Trump Herly Sandals. This style pictured above is currently on sale (!) for 87.06 and can be found at Shhh: Could they be a knock-off of these Jimmy Choos that retail for $895? Hmm…

Which shoe is your favorite and why?