Wedding favors: Do you love or lathe them?

Favors have become pretty standard at weddings but many couples (including myself and Mr. TK) have started to wonder if they’re necessary. After much thought, we decided our wedding would be favor-free and we have no regrets. However, one of my generous aunts did provide two “favor-like” items for our out of town guest welcome bags that can be considered favors — personalized water bottles and North Carolina-made bbq sauce. She insisted on helping us out with a wedding-related expense and that is what we came up with (Thanks again, Aunt Zee!). Plus, we figured everyone can afford to drink more H2O and the bbq sauce we gave is specific to the Tarheel State (plus from a Black supplier). North Carolinians are serious about their bbq! But, none of our guests left our wedding with an actual favor — ya know: a picture frame, book of matches, a cd, a bag of candy, etc. I personally loathe most favors whether I receive them at a baby shower, wedding or retirement party because they are usually the last thing a recovering pack rat like me needs to take home. Yet I happen to know some people who love favors and wouldn’t think of having a special event without them.

What do you say, Triple B? Are you for or against wedding favors? Did you have them at your wedding? Or you planning to incorporate them into your big day, engagement party, bridal shower, etc.? Sound off in the comments, please!