The Amaryllis Style: How sick is this neckline?

Triple B, I have a crush. I stumbled upon Jenny Packham’s 2013 bridal collection this week while doing research for a freelance story. Pure eye candy. The London-based designer has dressed stars like Kerry Washington and Jennifer Hudson on the red carpet. But really it’s her subtle details that have me swooning: the unexpected pleats and usage of lace (lace can be tricky as we have all seen in wedding gowns that resemble Quinceañera dresses) combined with the overall femininity the collection has — those Brits I tell ya. Take a look at more of my faves from the line yourself:

Lily Rose: Check out the back!
The Marigold: This halter is equally sexy and sophisticated.

Packham’s designs do come at a price — the gowns start at about $2,500 and can sell for close to ten grand. Sure you can get knock offs at a gazillon other retailers but every now and again it is nice to look to high-end designers like Packham for inspiration if nothing else. You can also score a Packham gown from a resource like PreOwnedWeddingDresses for a fraction of the retail price. Plus a harmless crush never hurt anyone.