“It’s alright to crawl before you walk. It’s alright to walk before you run. But if you wanna get something that you’ve never had, got to do something that you’ve never done.”

~Go Get It, Mary Mary

I launched BlackBridalBliss.com on April 26, 2010; five months after getting laid off. I was equally parts nervous, proud and anxious. And although I was nervous and anxious, there was this little inner voice telling me I had to do this. If it didn’t work out; cool. But I had to at least try.

So, I began this mission (Yes, Triple B is a mission.) to create a space where Black women — regardless of income, height, shape, complexion, features, hair length, hair texture, race or sex of their spouse — who were planning to get married could feel at home. I wanted to cover fashion and beauty, planning tips, celebrity 411, destination ideas, profile real weddings, offer exciting giveaways and more. I wanted to go beyond the road of most bridal blogs and encourage conversation about life after saying “I Do” which is why Marriage Matters will always have a home on the site. I simultaneously wanted to help dispel this growing myth that Black women didn’t or couldn’t get married. The latter confused many folks — even a couple of family members — because back in 2010 my own relationship status was rocky at best. Still, that little inner voice didn’t go away.

Well, thank goodness for that inner voice and the support of people like you. Since Triple B’s launch, the site has been recognized by media outlets such as The Huffington Post. I’ve covered star-studded nuptials for notables such as NBA all-star Chris Paul where I interviewed A-listers like LeBron James and Gabrielle Union. Most recently, Triple B received may-ja exposure during my episode on TLC’s new reality television show Something Borrowed, Something New. I’m not bragging; just testifying.

Of course Triple B kudos from national media outlets is welcomed, however feedback like this from real women is what really motivates me to push forward. My own challenges in planning a wedding that is memorable and stylish yet budget-friendly also remind me that Triple B is a valuable resource. And lastly, Black women continue to be one of the least understood populations of people on the planet and no one can convince me otherwise. Just last night (!), I had to check a very close loved one who basically said something to me along the lines of “…she’s pretty for a dark skinned girl…” (That isn’t what he said but it was just as ignorant.) Anyone who thinks we live in a post-racial or post-color-struck society needs to walk a week in my shoes. Thank goodness my parents raised me the way they did.

Three years are down but there is so much more for Triple B to accomplish. There are even a few good things cookin’ — stay tuned. Thank you for riding with BlackBridalBliss.com. Thank you for bookmarking this site, forwarding links to your sorority sisters, cousins and neighbors, thanks for liking pictures on Facebook, RT’ing on Twitter and pinning our images on Pinterest. Thanks for emailing with your comments and questions. Thank you. The best is surely yet to come! And listen to your inner voice…She’s usually right.

Final Fridays was postponed today due to our anniversary but Cousin Mars didn’t want to disappoint his fans so his post will be up bright and early Monday morning.