marriage matters on black bridal bliss - jan. 2015
Find a memorable way to honor those marriages that have stood the test of time at your own wedding!

In 2016, the idea of singling out unmarried friends (men and women) at a wedding reception seems archaic and predictable to many. For those nearlyweds searching for a fun alternative, Triple B suggests the following:

Instead of putting the spotlight on all your unhitched guests in a way that frankly can be quite awkward, turn that spotlight on those folks who have already said I Do. Have your DJ ask all married couples to join the bride and groom on the dance floor for a special dance. Choose a fun or nostalgic song that will keep your guests engaged. To keep the energy in the room up and not get too sappy too soon, the DJ could say something like, “If you’ve been married for 4 hours or less, please exit the dance floor…” – that way you guys will be the first to leave. Next, have the DJ/MC begin counting up, asking any couples who have been married for one year, two years, five years, a decade, and so on to stay on the floor until only a single couple remains. Give your bouquet to that couple — it will most likely garner a loud round of applause and cheers from all in attendance!

If you and your beloved agree, have the DJ/MC give the microphone to said couple and ask them to offer their words of advice and/or encouragement to you both since you’re just starting on your marriage journey. This will be a moment you’ll cherish long after your wedding day. And your guests, especially the honored couple, will cherish the experience too.

Oh and as for the garter, we’re pretty sure you and your new spouse can figure out how to put that to use in the days ahead.

[*EDITOR’S NOTE: We realize this alternative isn’t new to some of you but it is still a novel idea and one we haven’t explored here on Triple B.]

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What traditions did you tweak/are you tweaking for your own wedding day?