The Robertsons get hitched in a fab yet fun Maryland affair!

Bride: Robyn London, 32
Groom: Victor Robertson, 32
Occupations: London, office manager; Robertson, social worker
Homebase: Maryland
Wedding Date: September 10, 2011
Wedding Location: Ceremony & Reception: The Mansion at Strathmore, Bethesda, MD

The Hookup When Robyn’s cousin was interviewed by a nice young man named Victor for a position at The Boys & Girls Club, she wasted no time gushing to Robyn about the chap. “As she was telling me about him, I thought he would be a great catch for her,” recalls Robyn with a chuckle. Robyn and Victor (a California native) ended up becoming Facebook friends but Robyn says she didn’t think much of it because “I was living in New York at the time and he was in D.C.” However Robyn is a Maryland native and frequented the D.C. area to visit loved ones. She decided to test the possibilities and see where things could go.

For the Love of Music After realizing they were both huge Maxwell fans, Victor invited Robyn to join him for a Maxwell concert in the District and although it was in the middle of the week, Robyn accepted. The pair enjoyed the show and headed to the popular Busboys & Poets restaurant/lounge afterward. “We had wonderful conversation but there was no love at first sight,” explains Robyn. Victor however shares a different memory of his first impression of Robyn, “I can’t remember the exact moment I fell in love with her, but somehow I knew from our first conversation that she was much more than radiant skin and a breathtaking smile.”

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Let Me Love You For their second date, Victor took Robyn and her mom to lunch. By this point, Robyn admits she had undeniable butterflies for her now hubby. “We agreed that we would tell whoever else we were seeing at the time it was a wrap,” she says laughing. After dating for about a year, they were both living in Maryland. When asked what made Victor different, Robyn says simply, “He let me love him. Whoever I was with before Victor had daddy issues, mommy issues…He’s also passionate and makes me laugh.” Victor uses the adjectives sincere, strong, loving, supportive, encouraging, understanding and empathetic to describe Robyn. He says she especially demonstrated those characteristics when he got laid off and was unemployed for three months (especially stressful since the couple had just purchased a house together). “She has praying rocks she uses when she is in deep prayer. During my time of unemployment, I found her praying rocks in the bathroom, under her pillow, in the kitchen, on top of the TV, in my gym bag — everywhere,” Victor reveals.  He adds, “It was our faith in The Most High that kept us.” Robyn shares, “During that time, he got to see that I’m not going anywhere.”

Make It a Night to Remember Victor decided to ask Robyn for her hand in marriage at the same location where they had their first date, Washington D.C.’s Constitution Hall. He says he knew he wanted Robyn to be his wife because, “She is my complementary component. I don’t see my life without her by my side.” The loving couple tied the knot on 9-10-11 in a Maryland mansion. “It is a house and we wanted it to feel like a home,” explains Robyn of their venue choice. She adds, “It just felt right.” 100 of the couple’s loved ones watched them jump the broom — literally — and afterward they all danced the night away to soulful classics like “Da Butt” by go-go band, E.U. “We are blessed and thankful for having such an amazing family and group of friends. For people to take time out of their lives to share with us on our special day means everything to us,” says Victor. Robyn sums up the day saying, “We were surrounded by love.”

Robyn’s Money Saving Tips for Future Brides

Remember Bridal-Anything Cost More Although her gown was purchased from the infamous Kleinfeld, a savvy Robyn got her gown’s alterations elsewhere — for less than two hundred bucks! “Don’t be afraid to go to your local storefront dry cleaners. Avoid the alteration package when buying your gown unless your dress is really elaborate,” warns Robyn.

Don’t Forget Your Attendants A thoughtful bride, Robyn ensured that her bridal party didn’t go broke for her big day. “My bridesmaids dresses and my mother’s dress were purchased at sample sales at the Garnish Boutique in Baltimore,” Robyn reports. Remember to ask about sample sales at your fave bridal boutiques to save cash for everyone involved in your wedding.

Frugal Favors “I found a wholesale company online and purchased 150 hankies for $150. Then I used Google to find House of Embroidery and had a “R” stitched on each one,” shares Robyn. The result were personal, practical and unique gifts for her guests that didn’t break the bank.

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