Charanna Alexander, Founder of Love Ink

Today’s post is from Charanna Alexander, founder of a special occasion writing service Love Ink. Her most requested service is vow writing. This ambitious 25 year-old Los Angeles native presently resides in the Big Apple but can work with clients across the globe. Miss Alexander took time from her busy schedule as a grad student at Columbia University and budding entrepreneur to share her expertise with Triple B. FULL DISCLOSURE: A few years back one of my best male friends asked me to write his wedding vows and I thought he was nuts.‘That’s supposed to be personal and come from your heart!’ I snapped. Little did I know back then I could get paid for penning vows. Kudos to Love Ink for filling a much needed void.

In the midst of venue selections, flower ordering and dress buying, wedding vows are often an afterthought. Although overlooked, vows are an essential part of any wedding ceremony. Some couples opt for traditional vows, while others take pen to paper for a more personal touch. Here are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts to consider when taking on this daunting task.

DO make your wedding vows a priority: When writing your vows be sure to devote time to crafting the perfect words. Set a date and time where you only focus on writing. Remember, your vows are the words that govern your marriage and should not be taken lightly.

DON’T wait until the last minute to write vows: We’ve seen this scene a million times before — the groom (or bride) is frantically trying to write vows the day of the ceremony and while scrambling to find the perfect words comes up short. The last thing you want to do is rush. This causes extra anxiety. There is nothing romantic about  “um’s and ah’s” at the altar.

DO use music as inspiration: If you are having trouble coming up with something romantic, turn to your favorite love song. Not only will the music get your creative juices flowing but it will also provide a romantic atmosphere to get you thinking about your someone special. *Insider Tip* Look to Stevie Wonder, The Isley Brothers and Luther Vandross for timeless love lyrics.

DON’T be long winded: When writing your vows, think quality over quantity. You want to keep them between three and four sentences. You have a lifetime to tell your honey how you feel. Remember, the longer your vows the more you have to remember the day of your wedding.

DO get creative and fun: Your vows should reflect you and your relationship with your partner. These words will give your friends and family insight into your union. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your vows by incorporating pet names, inside jokes or words from your favorite book or song to add personality.

DON’T embarrass your partner (or yourself): There are just some things that should stay between you and your sweetie. Take into consideration your audience. Remember your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members will be present. Be appropriate.

DO ask for help: Not everyone was born with the writing gene. Having someone look over or even help you write your vows is not a bad thing. In fact, seeking help can save you anxiety on your big day. Having a professional or someone you trust help you craft your wedding vows takes the pressure off and gives you an extra boost of confidence.

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